A Year's Worth of Happy

The night before Hannah turned one I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about the day she was born and how far we've come. We made it. We made it to one year. All the times where it seemed like she'd never stop crying, all those sleepless nights, all the sacrifices we made along the way, all the anxiety and stress over whether or not we were doing the best for our daughter... they all seemed like a distant memory on the night before she turned one. I was feeling proud, excited, and sad all at the same time. My baby is turning one. I admit, I cried a little. 

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On the day of her first birthday party I was the proudest mama. The sheer look of joy on her face said it all. She knew the party was for her. She knew all these people were there for her. And she ate it all up like the happy girl she was!

I also wanted to do something just the two of us to celebrate her birthday. Just mommy and daughter. I guess it was more for me than it was for her, emotionally at least. I wanted us to have a special day for the two of us before she officially made her way into toddlerhood. We spent the day at Boston's Children's Museum. She loved every minute. Her face lit up at the sight of everything new and her eyes were filled with so much wonder. It was truly amazing to watch. We ate lunch together, "chatted" with each other, and slowly made our way home. It was glorious. I loved it. It meant the world to me that we got to have our day. 

Later that night we went out to dinner as a family of three. Of course we gave Hannah her very first bite of ice cream! Everything was just magical. From her party to her birthday outing. I know she won't remember it at all, but for us.. it was simply perfect.


Jessica said...

Hannah is just the cutest little thing. It sounds like a very emotional time. She had an adorable birthday.

Kristina said...

The last picture of her with the cake is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Happy first birthday to her!

Kristina does the Internets

Rachel Lynne said...

She is beyond adorable! Happy first birthday to your little princess!

Rachel said...

That last photo is just too precious. Can't believe she's a year already!

Alice Warren said...

What great photos! She looks like she loves cake. I think we gave my son his first bite of anything sugary on this birthday. He did not like his birthday cake at all. Now, all he wants to eat is the frosting at parties.


Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

Sofia Donatelli said...

OMG looks who's ONE!!! Love the TUTU and the pictures. TOO cute for words! God bless her.

Stay beautiful,

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Twitter: @stylishlyinlove

Anna D Kart said...

I can't believe how fast time flies and that she's already one! Happy birthday Hannah - she looks so happy eating her cake

Happy Medley Blog

two birds said...

It is so crazy that she is already one. I feel like you were pregnant just yesterday! It's bittersweet, but there are so many more adventures to be had! She is so so so adorable and the party and day of celebration sound like they were perfect.

Frannie Pantz said...

These photos are so darn adorable! It is so hard for your baby (especially your first baby!) to turn one. My last baby turns one in about a month and a half :-( It doesn't get easier. My oldest is now 14 and on the nights before his birthdays, I still think of the day he was born. My next oldest will be 10 on Thursday (double digits!) and I cannot believe it. Time goes by so very fast!

Emmylou said...

Belated happy birthday to the little princess:) Oh Yi-chia! Time sure does fly by. I still remember when you just announced your pregnancy, and now, here she is...a year old. XOXO

Pooja Mittal said...

aww, time flies, i still remember your pregnancy announcement post and then ur pregnancy post, doing her nursery and she is already 1
a big congrats to you, giggling smiling and i like i like naughtyness,
keep in touch

Head to Toe Chic said...

She is so cute, and she looks so happy!! Her party looked gorgeous :)


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Glad Hannah had a great birthday party.


Jeans and a Teacup said...

Oh my gosh...too cute! You guys are adorable. Happy First Birthday!
Jeans and a Teacup

lisacng @ expandng.com said...

Oh my gosh, that last photo is just too precious!!! Great one!!! Happy Birthday to your little precious and yes, you made it through Year ONE :). So great you got to spend mommy-daughter time with her.

Skylette from Sequins & Stilettos said...

Isn't it completely amazing how much our tiny little ones develop and grow physically, mentally and emotionally in just one short year?!? You earned those tears on her first birthday. Something absolutely worth celebrating. :)


Rachelle Pinksole said...

you have no clue how much I love seeing her pics, she's so cute and look so happy. Happy Birthday sweetie.


libys11 said...

aaww.. she is the most precious thing!!! :D
happy birthday!!!

Animated Confessions

BlazyFashion said...

Wow! where did all the time go? She was a few weeks old just yesterday. Adorable hannah! Happy Birthday to your lil princess!


RedTagChicLosAngeles said...

It's like I watched her grow up too - and you are doing a great job Yichia!


Nilu Yuleena Thapa said...

Can't believe its already been a year! Your girl is growing up to be an adorable lady Yi-chia!
Nilu Yuleena
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Ricademus said...

You're doing a great job as a mom--and dad is doing pretty well too! :) She's really a special girl--so bright and sweet. Thank you for sharing the year with us. The mommy-daughter day was a great idea. Moments like that and all of the others that occurred during this first year will warm your heart for decades.

PS - Belated happy birthday Hannah!!!

jamie said...

omg she looks too cute! happy birthday, Hannah! xo

Anouk said...

You all look so happy! And Hannah is a cute little lady now! Love the pink cake; such a nice birthday party.


Jane said...

Oh how delightful :) Happy 1st Birthday Hannah!

Kathleen Harper said...

So adorable! That last picture is TOO cute!

Valerie said...

What a wonderful celebration and post-- so cute! Can I ask where you got the burlap triangle banner and the other tassle one in your photos? They are darling!

Kelly said...

She is absolutely adorable and Happy Birthday Hannah!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Lindsay Truax said...

Hannah is just adorable! Cute photos and I love the cake!!


Mica T said...

Aww your daughter is beautiful!

happy first birthday to her! They always say the first birthday party is more about the parents than the child, but it's so fun when you see them enjoying things! :)

Congrats on making it through the first year and all those sleepless nights :)

Away From The Blue

Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

How amazing and wonderful! Such a heart melting feeling! Hannah is such a little sweetheart - and I cannot believe it's been a whole year! Wow... x


She's is just so adorable. Happy Easter to you and your family. xx <3
Easter Inspiration

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Hena Tayeb said...

Happy Birthday to Hanna. That tutu is adorable.. and she is loving that ice cream. Looks like you all had a wonderful day..

SydneysFashionDiary.com said...

Can't believe she's a year old already. How time flies. Happy Birthday to your little baby girl!

s said...

I can't believe she is already ONE!!!! Yi chia, i really miss you! i can't believe we haven't chatted since you were about to find out the sex of your princess-seems like yesterday! Let's catch up soon! miss you! happy bday again to your lovely lovely sweetheart of a doll!!! xO!


eliz said...

Ahhhh the first year flies by! I am already planning my little girls 2nd birthday! Can't time slow down! lol Your daughter is beautiful! Wonderful family pictures! <3

Am2Pm Chic said...

She is beyond adorable, such a lovely photos.


Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

OMG, Hannah is just the cutest little thing like an angle. Happy birthday to Hannah. All pics are gorgeous. Kisses <3

Ricademus said...

Happy Mother's Day! You're off to a really amazing start.

Audrey Allure said...

Aww, this is absolutely adorable! Great pictures.

- Audrey

Amalia Fitry Baruna said...

aaawww what a cute little family<3


Midwest Muse said...

She's so adorable and her birthday looks so sweet!

Vision By Mila said...

Oh how sweet she is! Happy Birthday! We're half way to 1!

Geraldine Clinton said...

Your baby girl is so cute and beautiful. So happy family. Best wishes from http://www.missydress.it

Beauty Follower said...

Aaaaaaa! She looks so cute in her tutu skirt!


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