Isn't it funny how after a certain age, you really don't care much to celebrate your birthday anymore?! When you're young, all you want to do is grow up and be older... and when you're finally grown, all you want is for time to slow down and not get any older. Ahh, life.. you're so tricky!

I honestly forgot how old I was this year. I blame it on pregnancy and being a new mom. I barely know what day it is anymore. But when November showed up on my calendar, I realized it was my birthday month and I actually had to sit and think, wait, how old am I turning? Or perhaps I'm just in denial about how old I actually am. Whatever, I'm going with the first reason.

Birthdays then and now. Back when I had the energy to throw myself parties... and wear my hair down.

Normally, I wouldn't be all about celebrating my birthday. See first paragraph. But since this will be my first birthday with my baby girl here, I feel it's somewhat special. So, today I'm sharing 32 facts about me. Notice I didn't say fun facts because I can't guarantee you won't tune out by fact #10. 

1. I'm an only child.
2. sometimes I wish I wasn't.
3. contrary to the popular stereotype, I admit, I am not good at math.
4. but I am darn good with a calculator!
5. I took 5 years of piano lessons.
6. but ask me to play a song and I can't.
7. I feel bad that I wasted my parents money on lessons.
8. I mostly blame it on a bad teacher, I mean that was her job right?!

9. I hate cooking.
10. but I'm really good at following recipes and cooking delicious meals. 
11. no, I still don't enjoy it even if the meal comes out amazing.
12. I hate exercising.
13. mostly because I hate to sweat.
14. I hate nature.
15. that was a bold statement, I mean I don't enjoy doing things like camping, having bugs near me, or going on hikes.
16. when I was little I wanted to be a singer.
17. I know I'm not the only one that used to stand in front of a mirror, holding a hairbrush pretending it's a mic, and singing like they're on the grammy's. Or am I?
18. I can carry a tune, but I'm really not that good of a singer. Just ask my husband.
19. but I'm a better singer than he is, so that's all that really matters.

20. I am not above dressing my daughter like me. #matchingclothesforthewin
21. I figured I should do it now before she realizes how much her mother embarrasses her.
22. I enjoy folding laundry.
23. probably because I'm slightly ocd and have a need for all our clothes to be folded a certain way.
24. Hannah girl likes to help. Oh wait, that wasn't a fact about me. Hannah helps and I re-fold everything she unfolds, which means double enjoyment for me. 
25. yes I realize that's weird. 
26. I also really enjoy wrapping presents, for the same reason. 
27. my most embarrassing moment was during a parallel parking incident back in my early 20s. Let's just say it was in front of a Starbucks, and people clapped when I got out of the car.
28. after that day, I always paid extra to park in a garage or lot.

29. I can't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. I'm talking 4+ consecutive hours of uninterrupted, blissful, dream a really good deep dream kind of sleep.
30. oh wait, I do remember, it was the night before my baby was born.
31. but now I have Hannah and I'll take her over sleep any day.
32. I love my little family and though I'm getting older, I'm willing to bet my birthdays will only get better.

My birthday is not until later this week, but you're never too old to celebrate birthday weeks!

I got the idea for this post from one of my favorite blogs, Camp Patton.


mariafelicia magno said...

happy birthday
you have a beautiful family..

Jen ♥ said...

This is awesome. Happy Birthday!!

Sarah said...

Happy Happy Birthday friend! LOL at your contrary to popular stereotype...I am that stereotype. You can come fold my laundry any day. I mostly hang all of our clothes, just to avoid folding! Hope you have a great birthday, anything planned?

Nico lowbudget-lowcost said...

Wonderful! Happy b-day!

Fall must have on lb-lc fashion blog

Lindsay Truax said...

Have a wonderful birthday! Your daughter is adorable!!

Adeola Naomi Aderemi said...

Have a wonderful birthday and hopefully so more laundries haha!

Susannah said...

Awww... Happy early birthday, dear girl! I hope you have an amazing day!

Frannie Pantz said...

A very happy birthday! Those were fun facts! You are welcome to come fold my laundry any day! Trust me, with four kids and yourself and a husband, laundry isn't quite as fun anymore. I cook the same way, but I love it. Here's to many more happy birthdays with your cute little family!

two birds said...

My birthday is next week, too. Happy (almost) birthday to a fellow Scorpio! I loved reading this list. The parallel parking one made me laugh. I have a back up camera in my car now and don't know how I ever parallel parked without one!

Kelly said...

I HATE HATE HATE nature and love wrapping presents, what a fun list! Oh, and you look 22 - what the heck!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Milex said...

oomph. said...

hope you have a nice birthday week! i love folding laundry and wrapping present too...not weird at all. or are we both weird? lol.

K A T H L E E N said...

I can totally relate on the bday thing, I don't seem to notice mine these days either! Really great blog, had a great time browsing your other posts! Also, I know what you mean on the piano lessons too!

lisacng @ said...

Happy early birthday! You're so hilarious and adorable with this post! I read all 32 :). You'll sleep a full night soon enough! Enjoy your birthday!!!!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Happy early birthday!! I always forget how old I am too!! ha!! It's just better that way!! :) And who ever invented sweat during exercising??? They should be ashamed. Love you so much and can't believe this is like the 3rd year I'll be celebrating with you...I remember when you turned 30!! :)

Amy said...

Happy bday beauty! I hop it's amazing!

elmundooo said...

Loveable and cute Pictures ....very pretty <3

Audrey said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope it was wonderful! I almost forgot my birthday this year too. Two of my friends have birthdays close to mine, so I got so lost planning their birthday surprises that I overlooked me own.

Pooja Mittal said...

hhahahaha... i compleately agree , as i child i use to go crazy on my birthday and now its like whatever
u like folding launndy !! omg , i ha it
and maths , hi five on that , i suck at it
gold bless your lovely little family and happy b'day in advance
what say is your b"day !!
Keep in touch

Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit said...

Happy Birthday! They do become less important as we get older. Loved reading you list too :)

Rachelle ( said...

Happy Early birthday, I hate nature too lol. Everytime I see Hannah I want to hold her, she's so cute.


Taramixandmatch said...

Happy birthday pretty lady!

JP Lord said...

I'm prettttty sure I've said this before but if we lived near each other we would be besties.
happy (early) birthday beautiful!

libys11 said...

yay!!! happy bday!! :D
it's been awhile since i visited your blog!!! it's nice to see the family!! :D

Animated Confessions

Olivia Monopoli said...

I wouldn't have guessed you were 32! I was thinking you were in your early 20s for a long time. But Happy Birthday! It was fun to learn more about you from your post and your family is just adorable!!! I hope you have a great one :)
Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

Kathleen Harper said...

Happy happy birthday! These photos are adorable. I'm with ya on numbers 14 and 15 ;)

Happiness at Mid Life said...

Happy Birthday Yi-chia! Love learning a bit about yourself. And like you - I suck at math too. And you if love folding laundry - you seriously need to buy the miracleFold - it's amazing!!! i hate folding clothes and now I don't mind at all.


P.S. Hope you stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

Happy birthday, sweetheart! x

Jo Abiog said...

Omgosh you are so right about not remembering birthdays past 30 anymore! I feel like turning 30 is such a big deal and then after that, you forget (not on purpose) how old you are turning. I am turning 34 in a few months and I literally had to double check if I had the right age!

Hannah is the cutest! Can't believe you enjoy folding clothes and so does Hannah! I actually hate folding clothes and enjoy cooking (only when it is a recipe - like you)!

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Jo Abiog said...



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Elle Sees said...

i am the worst at math. and despite being half italian i am awful at cooking and do not enjoy it.

Shopping Lady said...

Happy birthday dear, I wish you and your family the best things of the world :*!

My last post: Holiday Sales by Tidestore


Sam Cole said...

Happy birthday beautiful lady. I hope you have a fabulous day with your beautiful family.


Rachel Lynne said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!!!!!! Hope it is an amazing one, to an amazing new mama :)

Valerie P said...

Loved these facts! I'm with you on the cooking- but recipes definitely help! And I'm an only child too! :-)

Anouk said...

Thanks for sharing these facts about you! Funnily I also enjoy folding laundry because of the same reason! :) You and your family looks so cute together. Have a lovely week full of celebrating and fun.

Rose Nika said...

I just love your family pics! Happy Early Birthday <3 Thank you for the comment on my blog.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Happy birthday! Loved learning more about you.


Happy birthday dear. I totally forgot my age one year, haha! Wishing you a beautiful weekend. xx
The Great Outdoors

OccasionallyAJ said...

Happy birthday beautiful!!!!


Joie de Viv said...

Happy Birthday! Beautiful family pictures and she is your little mini-me! SO cute! Yeah, I could barely remember what happened on my birthdays since becoming a mom. I'd like to think the years don't count if I don't remember. :D

xx Viv at JoieDeViv

Ago Prime said...

happy birthday!!!

Jane said...

yay happy birthday! it's so funny because when i was young i used to ask my mom how old she was. that was around the time when my mom was near my age right now and she would forget from time to time and i thought that was the weirdest! who forgets their age?! but then once starting hitting the thirties i kept getting confused :)

Ricademus said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you're having steak (or something you love) tomorrow. A 4th 29th is young, but I agree with other folks that you look younger.

I don't like to sweat when I'm not supposed to be, but I'm okay with the fact that I sweat a LOT when I workout (in the gym or the yard). I feel like the sweat is unclogging something. :D

My wife and I can;t watch each other fold towels. I match corner to corner. She does a sort of tri-fold thing and then insists the towels sit a specific way on the shelf-with the "rounded" side facing out.

M said...

Great post. Happy belated birthday!

Made in Mauve

Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

Very very happy belated birthday doll. You have a beautiful family (touchwood). Wish you a lovely weekend. Kisses

Mila said...

Me too, 5&6! Happy B-day!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day! There are SO many of these that I can relate to! I took piano lessons for years and years but can maybe (maybe) play one song! And I hate working out for the same reason (I hate to sweat). I also wanted to be a singer and I laughed out loud when you said you hate nature, but after I read your reasoning - I do too!

jo said...

Happy Birthday Yi-Chia! You're still very young and beautiful! I literally LOL at every sentence, especially hate cooking and exercising. Me too!!

xo Jo

Karolina Antosik said...

Happy b-day dear. Wish your all dreams will come true

footnotes and finds said...

happy birthday! and some of those facts were fun, thanks for sharing!

Mica T said...

Aww, happy birthday when it arrives! :)

You and your daughter look so cute - and you look so young! :) Age is just a number, and with your beautiful little girl to run around with, you're sure to still be feeling as young as ever! :)

Away From The Blue

Bree Aylwin said...

Wonderful facts. Happy birthday week to you!

Jenelle S said...

Oh my goodness. Could she be any cuter??
Happy bday week!!

Hope you can check out my latest outfit/DIY posts.
Nelle Creations

Elle said...

Happy belated birthday!
you look so beautiful and young, and I love that you
dress like your daughter.
I also hate to cook, and I also like to fold laundry, and wrap gifts!
You have a beautiful family!
xx, Elle

s said...

are you sure you are a mommy? You look so so stunning and amazing. I can't believe that I missed your birthday this year =( I'm the worst friend ever- forgive me! Hope you had a great one ~~~~ so much love and hugs!!! xO!


Hena Tayeb said...

Happy Birthday. I know what you mean.. my husband and I have birthdays a day apart which used to mean a week long celebration but now just getting cake or a cupcake is all that happens. Just last year we were thinking about how when we were kids it was such a huge monumental occasion.. thought about for months in advance..

ps. hate nature to.. kinda.. don't mind a hike but do not want to go camping to go sleep on a rock with bugs all around.. eek. but i hate folding clothes too..

Life Happens said...

Happy belated birthday. I can relate to so many of your fun facts! I don't like sweating or nature. I definitely DON'T fit the stereotype of being good at math! And I am SO sleep deprived!

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