Olive Oil

I'm loving olive green this year.  Mostly because I pretend it's a neutral and wear it with almost anything and because I found these olive skinnies and I was able to add it to my colored jeans collection by reasoning "oh, I don't have jeans in this color yet". 

{Peplum Blazer: Zara (old), Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Forever 21, Bracelets: David Yurman, Alex and Ani}

And can we take a moment to talk about this striped peplum top?  It's all sorts of fantastic because it's a shirt and a cardigan and a blazer all in one.  Hello awesome!  I do want to note that I realize I may be the only person who gets excited about an item of clothing like this... but this is a blog about me talking about clothes.  So who's with me!?


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Rita und Kübra said...

Cute :D

xoxo Rita and Kübra


Sheila said...

Love this neutral outfit! I'm the same way.. lately I've been wanting to add every color of the rainbow of jeans. haha.. And your striped peplum top is amazing! I get excited about clothing pieces too! ;)

xo - Sheila

Katie said...

that striped top is so cute!! and I think olive green counts as a neutral!

B Allen @ What2Wear said...

Loving the olive green pants, they are definitely a neural in my book :)
Brooke @ what2wear

Tie Bow-tie said...

Lovely color of pants! And I like so much your peplum top!

Jackie said...

The pants totally work as a neutral. And I love the pop of color with the shoes. Very cute!

sip-n-wear said...

i love the color combo of the pants and the shoes! i still haven't gotten on the peplum wagon, but it looks super cute on you!

Color-Block said...

lovely blazer..

Meaghann Bendis said...

ooooooohhhh I ADORE that blazer and the shoes! You go girl! looking fierce!


Maiken said...

those pants slightly remind me of the ones I wore last weekend (will post photos when I can ) but I didn't think about olive shade at all :P
anyway, that shade looks lovely when combined with stripes! I should try that myself.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Kallee Mae said...

Totally obsessed with that blazer and your skinnies!! Seriously the cutest outfit!!

Rebecca said...

Oh so fantastic peplum top Yichia....it truly reflects your sweet self!


alongobucco said...

You look so pretty, Yi-chia! Olive pants are perfect for fall (I have a pair, too!) and while I have YET to find a peplum top (ugh!), this version you have is fantastic. Trust me, I get just as worked up about clothing :)

The Glossy Life

Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

Beautiful wedges honey <3 You look great!!

lisacng @ expandng.com said...

Of course you can talk about your love of clothes! IT's a cute cute blazer/sweater/shirt workhorse! And great pairing of olive and burgundy! Why is the title "Olive Oil"?? Like the character?

Sarah said...

Love the shirt/blazer/cardigan, I'm in a black and white striped phase...had to refrain the other day from buying yet another black and white striped blazer...but it was oh so cute...it was hard to walk away...Love the neutral colored jeans too...I need to get me a pair...yep I have ZERO colored jeans...i'm plain like that.

Amy Shaughnessy said...

I love the jacket! So cute! And it is okay to have jeans in every single color. I approve!


Fashion and Beauty Finds

Miss Top Ten Image said...

Love olive green to Yi -Chia! And combined with burgundy it looks great!
You look beautiful!


Instant Milk said...

wow, I think you have a great blog... really. I enjoyed looking and your posts and was wondering if you'd like to follow each other. I just opened up a new blog and would love your support on it!! Hope you come by soon! Stay in touch xx

RoselyC said...

I'm with you! Olive and stripes, my kind of outfit.

Penniless Socialite said...

I love versatile clothing like your top. It's ok to be excited about it. I've also amassed quite a colored denim collection.
Penniless Socialite

Alice Warren said...

Yi-chia - I am the same way about clothes too...my hubby thinks I am a nut but I think it's a big reason I started my blog - to express my love for clothes! Love your jacket - I thought about getting this jacket and passed - now I want it again :)


Emmy said...

Ooooo....I love that Zara top! And khaki is such a great neutral colour. You can really wear it with anything, eh?

Fabulous Petite said...

You know how i feel about stripes and peplum so this is an instant love. The colors and the pairing are just lovely. Does this Zara pants run small? Love love this look, you look very pretty.


Anouka said...

Fabulous outfit! I think that the shoes go very well with the trousers.


Meredith said...

Love this! Those jeans look great on you, and I love your shoes!!

Sheree said...

I am loving olive too! and I love the striped peplum jacket..so versatile!
Sheree xxx

Milynn {Love + Whimsy} said...

Love the outfit, I am so in awe at that all in one top!

s said...

i love olive green too! You look so gorg and i love that shot of you sitting down---SOO pretty!!!!!! ps can't wait to catch up. xO!

Katie Aman said...

This is so cute! I love the peplum on your top so much. You layered up some great colors with it too. Those shoes are gorgeous!

Amy said...

I agree, Olive is great! And I TOTALLY think of it as a neutral too!

dolcidellavita@gmail.com said...

Indeed the peplum top is fantastic! And I love matching olive or khaki with burgundy- so fashionable this season! You made it fabulous!

Elena said...

So in love with this striped blazer-amazing find!!!! It looks great with skinny jeans but it's so versatile so it will go perfectly with dresses and skirt-LOVE it!!!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Yi-chia, that peplum blazer is awesome! I love it! How charming are stripes and peplum!!! You can wear it with pants or skirt. I love olive. I have a pair of olive velvet pants and a sweater in that color. It's a fabulous neutral.

Caroline Susanto said...

That olive color looks lovely for you. Maybe I'll add that color for my jeans collection too! :D


Laura said...

I love olive too, it's definitely a neutral in my book, and looks so classic paired with the stripes.

Kirsten Wiemer said...

love this whole outfit. the color combo is perfect.


Kelly Ann said...

Gorgeous, I love the shoes!

Sparkles and Shoes

TheTinyHeart said...

What an adorable peplum top! I don't own much olive, but you're right, it is a great neutral!

The Tiny Heart

Stephanie @twenty-something said...

This is such a simple and cute look, and I'm totally behind you on your reasoning for buying the jeans because I do the exact same thing. That's precisely how burgundy skinny jeans got added to my collection (among olive, red, mint, turquoise, black, etc). Loving this look!


Milex said...

Love the fitting!

Lindsay Patrick said...

I'm with you on olive being a neutral. Along with camel, brown, black and leopard ;)

LOVE that stripped peplum top....sad to see it's not currently in stores. too cute



Rachel said...

I love that blazer! Peplum looks so great on petite girls like you and I, so I’m going to continue to wear it forever!

Life Unsweetened

Chi Jessica said...

I love the blazer!!!! :))

RachieCakes said...

Its all perfect, blazer, pants, and shoes! I love the olive green pants!! xo

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

You look chic and adorable!

Red Soles and Red Wine

Pamela said...

I really love that sweater from Zara! Wish it wasn't old, because I want it now!!! And I have those shoes from F21! Just in black :)
Love it..you look chic as always!

JP Lord said...

The peplum top is amazing! You're amazing!

Crazy Style Love said...

Ha ha ha, don't worry, I get just as excited for clothes! This outfit is fabulous! I LOVE those olive pants with the stripes and burgundy. . .fabulous combination! I have the same jacket and wear it all the time!

xo Jenny

Jenny said...

I'm totally with you! That peplum top/cardigan/blazer is ADORABLE! It's SO cute and I love how the purple is just peeking underneath plus the pop of burgundy on your shoes! This outfit is really pretty, Yi-chia, and you look like a doll (I really like your 4th picture!)


Olga Zgonnik said...

very cute outfit! love the top :)


Frannie Pantz said...

I'm with you! I love olive green and this striped peplum top/blazer/cardigan is awesome! I have some skinny olive green cargo pants that I wear to death!

John Marine said...

Cute and comfortable. Love the wedges along with the peplum top and these olive green jeans. Looking wonderful.


Dina Karivalis said...

You are definitely not the only one who gets excited for clothes like that, don't worry! Fantastic look! Would love your thoughts on my latest post!
xo Dina
Sweetest Somethings 

Phoebe said...

Omg Yi-Chia I share your excitement! I absolutely adore that peplum cardigan on you!! It's so fab and it definitely caught my eye and I love how you mixed your olive pants with burgundy shoes. Gorgeous outfit combo!! xoxo, Phoebe

Amber Rathvon said...

I agree that this top is super cute, and looks so good on you!! I also love the color combo here with olive and burgundy.

Avec Amber

Lily McNamara said...

i love the stripe peplum blazer!
Fancy {No}Pants

Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

i love your jacket
Xo Megan

Margaret Cruzemark said...

Hi beautiful! thanks so much for comment and visit my blog! it's a pleasure! I love your post of today! it's great as usual!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Angie Bailey said...

Gorgeous outfit!!!

Terry S said...

What's this? No polka dots? ;)

Love the blazer, Yi-chia!



The Marcy Stop said...

Great look! I styled a similar striped blazer in our post today, but I love the peplum detail on yours. Care to swap? ;)


Caitie Schlisserman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caitie Schlisserman said...

love the zip up peplum! it's so flirty... and you can never go wrong with stripes!


FierceandFashionable said...

That color looks great on you!

xo Michelle

Fierce & Fashionable

A Girls Kind of Therapy said...

I love the peplum top, of course you look so cute!


Alison Dulaney said...

I have a similar pair of pants from Zara that I just LOVE! I love that striped cardigan, especially the peplum detail:)

Emily Ah Tye said...

Love the green pant with that peek-a-boo of purple under that jacket. Fabulous!!

xo Emily

Gina said...

I am with you 100%!!! I do the exact same thing and the fam thinks I'm off my rocker, BUT that's why we have each other. I love my blogger friends!
You look fabulous! I love the color of those skinnys and that striped peplum cardi/blazer is very much wortth the excitement.
XO, Gina

smk053078 said...

This is why we are friends...clothes make us giddy and happy...no shame in that!! And I love spying those wedges....you are getting more wear out of yours than I am...maybe it's because I have a shoe addiction that MUST cease! Looking fab as always!

Little Rus said...

I love the outfit, the stripes, olive colour and addeded burgundy touch. Beautiful! x

Jen {Pearls and Lace} said...

I simply don't own anything in olive green, not exactly sure why not lol. These pants looks great on you and that top, well it's so you!

xo jen


love the striped blazer, you look great!
kisses from milano

BlondeBrittany said...

I can't get enough of skinny pants... esp paired with boots!


Makaila said...

I'm with you! It's perfect! So versatile! BUT, your smile is the best part about your outfit posts. ;D

Maria DaintyandDecadent said...

Your peplum jacket is all sorts of fantastic!

Clare said...

Love the olive and the shoes! Those shoes are looking amazing on you
Happy Wednesday!

Understated Classics

Anna D Kart said...

Love your olive pants... Perfect for fall!


Tiffany said...

Hello Awesome is right! I love the jacket! And I'm with you on the olive, I just need to find the right pieces to add to my closet!

Evani Gatsby said...

I'm just excited that you're excited! :) That olive looks so fab on you, perfect fall color. I've missed you girlfriend, I'm glad to be back!

Sue said...

That peplum blazer is so so pretty! it fits you like a glove.

Lauren said...

LOVE the peplum blazer! It is all sorts of awesome!

Fizz and Frosting

zhanna said...

I am so in love with the peplum top it looks so well with the jeans and those super cute shoes.

Elsha Bodily said...

I'm with you!!! And I would have bought those pants in an instant, no questions asked. You are lucky to find pants that actually fit you!

two birds said...

the other day, i wore navy and white stripes, olive skinnies and orange heels. great minds think alike i guess! =) of course you look way more put together than i did, and my outfit didn't include this amazing peplum blazer!

mademoiselle mode said...

You are amazing ^^

Kisses ♥

Coco said...

Sweetie you are not the only one to get overexcited about a garment!!!The peplum is lovely, and you made the right choice buying those olive green pants: they go awesomely with other season trends, like military style. Lots of love dear!!kisses Coco

Ginny said...

Love the striped top, so flattering too!

prettyanddelectable said...

A striped peplum cardigan top?!? Love! Looks fabulous paired with your olive green jeans. Have a great day!

The Twirl Team said...

puh-lease! i get excited over wearing something that i havent in a while! i know the feeling ;)
love the peplum+stripe combo and the burgundy shoes are amazing!!!
i have a pair of olive cargo pants that i am equally in love with :)

Chioma said...

love those shoes! perfect burgundy color!

C's Evolution of Style

Rachel said...

I would have never though of pairing olive green pants and burgundy shoes, but they go great together!

How Bout Some Cake?

Lauren said...

Lovely outfit, the blazer is amazing. I never thought about green and burgundy going together, but the way you've used it, looks so stunning



Sandy a la Mode said...

great outfit sweetie!! i LOVE hunter/olive green right now too. like obsessed!! and yes, that blazer is amazing!! i want it!!

Sandy a la Mode

ola said...

oh sweetie how adorable is that top! I love the peplum and stripes all in one top!
come by...i've got a great giveaway - diamonds!!

Libby said...

That blazer is too fantastic! I love how the olive jeans aren't skinny cargos. I haven't seen just plain jeans in that color before and I love them!
Libby at http://libbysoutlook.blogspot.com/

Rachel Lynne said...

Can't get over how cute this peplum Zara blazer is! I love it! :)

Rachel’s Lookbook

Julie said...

LOVE the stripes, and love the color of those pants!! xo, Julie

Jessi said...

A peplum zip-up blazer! That IS awesome! And those jeans are great I love them with those wedges, great color combo!

Nina Normalo said...

I love the combination of olive aaand... burgundy! So your shoes are the best choice :) And this peblum-shirt-blazer... yeaaaaah! ^^

♥, Nina

Niki Caron said...

I love this color!!! I want olive skinnies now! And the peplum top/cardigan/blazer is amazing!

Jen said...

Olive is totally a neutral! You look great... that blazer is so fun.


Kacie said...

I love olive too! It's a color but goes with everything! Can it get any better?! Below is a link to a peplum blazer in my store that's similar to yours :) http://daisyraeboutique.com/shop/outerwear/striped-peplum-jacket/


eQ said...

Lovely photos! You look so sweet :))


Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

i love olive green too - my house living room was painted that color for a long while! (we moved....they painted over) but anyhow - that striped peplum top is so adorable on you

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Kathleen Lisson said...

Love those shoes. What a wonderful combination with the pants. This would be a boring blog if you WEREN'T excited about your clothes.

Sakuranko said...

I love it your outfit looks casual but the same time fresh and cute!


Sakuranko Blog
My Facebook Fan Page

Ag Fenwick said...


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TaraMixandMatch said...

That blazer is totally adorable, love it!

Francesca said...

Gorgeous outfit, I agree, olive is such a great color for fall! I love your jeans, they are so cute!

Kathleen Harper said...

Olive! What a beautiful color for a jean and they look fabulous with your wedges! Very cue jacket btw too!

Rebecca said...

I am in love with that striped peplum top! Super cute with your skinnies!


Jeans and a Teacup said...

The peplum blazer is really cool! And I love the pants! Olive is a neutral!

Tiana said...

Amen sister! That peplum top/cardigan is the jam!
You look stunning as usual! Idk what it is, but you just know how to pull of a pattern!

tiana of l'esthetique

Schnelle said...

cute! love that top!

Sarah Beth said...

Love your outfit! You look like an adorable inmate ;)

xoxo Sarah Beth

Caring Cowls

Kdotorg said...

Olive green pretty much is a neutral. Love how you've styled it!
I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

sonia de macedo said...

I'm with you! That peplum was the first think I noticed! Its utterly fabulous!


C said...

Yi-Chia, I say just about the same thing every time I buy a new basic tee so no judgements from my corner. And that peplum jacket/top/cardigan - I LOVE THAT IT'S SUCH AN ADORABLE LITTLE MULTI-TASKER!


Lucie Srbová said...

I am so in love with your shoes! Perfect colour!

Kisses, Lucy:)

ana jacobs said...

Love the peplum blazer!!
Beijos, Ana

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Cute peplum blazer. I have yet to get a peplum top

Jacquelyn Giardina said...

SO jealous you got this Zara sweater!!! I wanted it so bad

xo Jackie

estellelamode.com said...

I love stripes and peplum, so that blazer is perfect!


caise said...

this peplum blazer is amazing!

Chris said...

I love olive/camo green! And it definitely is a neutral. I recently got a striped peplum-ish blazer and you've inspired me to put a similar outfit together!

Jenee C. said...

Hello gorgeous! Olive definitely is a neutral... and so is red.. and mustard... and pink... and blue... okay, it looks like I can pretty much justify everything being a neutral if it means getting added to my closet.

xx Jenee C.
{camo meets couture}

Count To Four said...

love this look, and i also love olive green!


Johanna said...

Totally bananas over your peplum blazer!

Tashia said...

That blazer is amazing, and I love it with the olive jeans. I've been looking for an olive colored pair of cords or jeans, but they're hard to find!

LEIGH said...

Oh I love that the peplum is striped and a zip up!

Courtney Starr said...

This is one of my favorite looks of yours!


Megan Ann said...

I'm loving this color pallet! I want this jacket.

xo, Megan
indie flower

Josephine said...

Love those pants! Olive is such a great color. Fun post!

<3 Josephine

glitzyblues.com said...

Absolutely love that peplum blazer! And adorable shoes! Olive is such a great color for Fall

Xo, Rachel

Glitzy Blues

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty! LOVE the stripes<3

ox from NYC!


howtoruninheels said...

I love this entire outfit!!


Sweet Melissa said...

Pretty top! Love the shoes!


Nerdy Asian said...

I do agree that olive green is a neutral colour! And I too love clothing you can wear in various ways, it makes it so practical! :D

Head to Toe Chic said...

I love the color of your pants, especially with your shoes!! Gorgeous outfit as always!


Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

and now i feel like i need olive green jeans. you're ruining me.

i almost had a heart attack fyi when i saw how many comments you have. you blogger famous girl, you.

Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

I already loved this on Facebook, but it's so worth loving it again! Love these photos, you look so happy and chic!


Bridgette Nicole said...

Ok, you look adorable in this sweater. Seriously a perfect sweater, I totally need it! :)

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

Gasp! That peplum top is soooo fabulous, pretty lady! And yes, olive green is TOTALLY a neutral!

CoastWithMe said...

You are soo right! Olive green is the new neutral! It pairs really well with most things:)! And I'm with you on the excitement for an item of clothing....especially one that can be worn in so many ways:))!

Katie Q. said...

I love olive green, back when I was 14 I had an olive green tee shirt that I literally wore to rags, so it's wonderful seeing so many items in the color now! I think olive green jeans are so versatile, they work with everything and can take on so many different personalities depending on how you wear them. These look pretty fantastic on you, I love them with the striped blazer!

Allison said...

I'm really loving olive green as well! In fact, I just had an olive green velvet pair of shoes arrive today-so excited about them! :) I LOVE LOVE how you're wearing these with the burgundy wedges and striped peplum! So cute!!
P.S. Don't forget to enter my Fossil Vintage Revival Bag Giveaway! :)

A's Fashion Files
Shop Kawaii Kitsch by A on Etsy!

Dahlia said...

I like the outfit, it gives me inspiration as well. I love stripes.


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

I like olive green for the same reason. Your outfit is very pretty.
Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

Princess Martha said...

Lol! I can just see myself saying the exact same line "I don't have this color..."
I love olive green and with this season's burgundy rage..you did a great job of mixing your new addition with the hottest trend.
Those shoes are fabulous.
You look perfect for fall!

Bravoe Runway said...

I just got some jeans on the same colour as well! The peplum striped jacket is just too adorable

Amy said...

love that jacket!

xx Amy

Leopard and Lillies

Itchy Edgy said...

Great outfit! I love stripes.. Thanks for your comment dear! Have a great day! Xx


Jessica said...

Love this outfit, you look amazing!!

The Fashion Heels

Sarah said...

I am obsessed with that blazer! Adorable as always, my friend!

Carolyna said...

lovely casual outfit. I love your shoes

Mira said...

Love the pants. Really lovely casual look <3


hautepinkpretty said...

that top is so cute! Love your heels! <3

Estefanía Ainoza said...

Great pictures! I love it!!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I love this color. I bought an olive clever sweater for winter and I can't wait to wear it!

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

teehee..HI TWIN!! =D
I have to agree...this peplum jacket/top is definitely amazing! Obviously great minds think alike right!? =D haha...
Love the look on you!

Rosa Cinelli said...

Super lovely look! Why don't you check out my last one? :)

Rossetto Rosa: SPEAK IN TONGUESl

Rossetto Rosa Blog

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

I love this post so much :) I always love reading your blog hh˘˘

post-never be alone♥blog

parfums said...

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Deidre said...

I totally agree and think that your olive pants should be considered a neutral! Also love the striped top! So cute.

Elana said...

Oh my goodness, this peplum top is incredible. I'm in love with this whole outfit, can I steal those olive pants from you??

Sola ante el espejo said...

Good look and blog. Lets follow each other?

Melissa Krystel said...

Lovin your outfit Maylee! Casual and classy! :D Your striped peplum top is my favorite!

The Krystel Book

Gray Cat said...

wow!!! those stripes !


Gray Cat

Rubies and Emeralds said...

Aw man, I wish that Zara jacket wasn't old--I want it!!! :)


so anthro said...

Cute!! Love these colors together, and olive green is SO perfect for fall. Such a great jacket too!

xo, Emily

Annie said...

That blazer is the CUTEST! Love this outfit :)

The Other Side of Gray

Shannon Rice said...

Cute jacket...I love it!


Lily Marek said...

You are right, that shirt/blazer/sweater is amazing! Adorable outfit!

Izzy said...

olive green looks great on you! and yes the peplum top/jacket is pretty funky haha!


Karolina said...

Great look, I love olive green!

xx Karolina

Caramode Blog - Bloglovin - Facebook

Yuli Conversations said...

super cute top! and love the shoes too :)


Naty Michele said...

I love olive too and I love how you paired these pants! Such a cute peplum blazer


Laura Chan said...

I love, love, love this outfit! I wore olive jeans yesterday but I dont think I pulled it off as great as you did. This outfit will be one of my inspirations. I went shopping yesterday and i was debating if i should purchase a striped blazer and i actually bought it! It would go lovely with my olive denim thanks to you! I love the shoes too. Im in love with burgundy color for this fall. Cant wait to purchase my first pair of burgundy shoes.

I am your newest follower! Going to check out your older post as well.


still being [molly] said...

this is GORGEOUS, yi-chia! i love that top!

Punctuation Mark said...

Love your jacket... It's a very original cut!

his little lady said...

You always pair things I would never think to do, and always look fabulous doing it! Just perfect!!!
xo TJ

BelatedBloomer said...

Oh no, you are not alone. I also rave about pieces of clothing that can be worn in countless ways but also has the ability to be worn without anything layered on. AWESOME. :)


Northern Style Exposure said...

I love olive on you

Juneli said...

Lovely color, Yi-chia and the striped peplum blazer is simply fab!
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

sharee said...

love stripes! :)
looks good on u :)

anyway, love ur blog. so I just followed u,
mind to follow each other? :)



becks said...

you look great! love those shoes too x


Fashion Lookbook said...

This is such an adorable top!


How cute is your stripped top? I love how happy you look, ALWAYS!


Jessica said...

olive is definitely one of my favorite neutrals too!


Kier Mellour said...

This is so pretty!

With Love From Hollywood,
Fashion Addict
**Julep Maven Giveaway!**

Vogue Villain said...

Your peplum top is adorable!
The outfit looks great on you :)

parfums said...

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Tammy Lau said...

your jacket is so cool:) love this look:)

Corina Nika said...

Definitely adoring your colors! AND that stripped!! :)


Dale Janeé said...

I agree with you and I can see why you love it! I think it's a neutral this fall too


LOLA FINN said...

So cuuuuute!! I like your perfect hair <3
Thank you so much for visiting me, dear!
xoxo lola

Delusions of Grandeur said...

That combo could not be any more perfect! You look amazing and that Zara blazer is fabulous!

LyddieGal said...

I love olive - it is such a flattering shade!
Chic on the Cheap

bonnie_blog said...

Woow! Very stylishly, dear~!
Happy friday!!!




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