Jul 22, 2014

Date Night for Momma

With a new baby in our lives, moments when we are baby-free and can have time to ourselves barely exist. Every single second of free time that we have (which is hardly any), we use it to do housework, eat, or sleep. So when my parents encouraged us to go to dinner while they babysat for us... we took the opportunity!

{Dress: c/o C.C. Lake, Shoes: Forever 21, Wallet/Clutch: Marc Jacobs, Belt: Target, Necklace: Bauble Bar (old), Bracelets: Alex and Ani}

This dress from C.C. Lake was perfect for our date night. It came with a beige belt but of course I accessorized with a hot pink belt and necklace to add in my own twist. Their dresses are just perfect for date nights! 

And obviously the entire time we were out to dinner, we talked about the baby and how we couldn't wait to be back with her. Oh the irony.

Jul 1, 2014

Dress Up a Sweatshirt

Since having our baby, I've been wearing sweats a lot. It's easy and it's comfy. But I realize I often look like I just rolled out of bed (because I did). What I need is a dressier sweatshirt to wear... and low and behold, my problem was solved by Bow & Drape.

{Sweatshirt: c/o Bow & Drape, Maxi Dress: Old Navy, Wedges: Old Navy}

Bow & Drape makes cute and comfy sweatshirts, tees, tanks, dresses, and more... and the best part is you can customize them with your favorite phrase or word, or use any of their cute embellishments. It's so fun to be able to design your own clothes!

{Sweatshirt: c/o Bow & Drape, Shorts: Target, Wedges: J.Crew (old), Sunglasses: Tory Burch}

For me, I decided on this super cute, white, textured sweatshirt with these side zippers that give them a bit of a fancier feel. I went with these 3 red flower embellishments because though I was tempted to do something like "#givemecoffee", I figured that would go against my goal of not making it obvious I'm only half awake. And the best part about this sweatshirt? I don't need to accessorize, which is great because baby girl does not let me wear much jewelry anymore... unless I want them ripped off of me.. oh the joys of motherhood. Now go start personalizing your own clothes at Bow & Drape!

Jun 19, 2014

Motherhood Is...

I've only been a mommy for 3 months, but I feel like it's been a lifetime. One minute I think, has it only been 3 months? And the next minute I think, oh my gosh my baby is 3 months already, noooo (cue the waterworks)!

I find myself thinking about my baby all the time. I'm constantly worrying about whether or not she's getting enough sleep and at the same time, if she's getting enough stimulation.  I think about what kind of person she'll become and if I'm doing a good enough job to guide her. Mind you, the girl can't even roll over yet (she's almost there!) and I'm here thinking about what college she'll go to. 

If it's not these big picture thoughts consuming my brain, it's little random things like if I have enough diapers to get us through the week. Or when the last time I did laundry was... because it seems I need to do it again but I could swear I just did it yesterday.

Every so often I find myself with a spare moment to think about something that is not baby related... like when did I last wash my hair? Or the fact that I really hope my husband picks up dinner because there's no way I'm cooking tonight. Ahh motherhood!

And time for baby girl's 3 month update!

Right now, she loves...
> Eating her hand.
> Staring at her hands.
> Eating her new favorite ball.
> Doing airplane with daddy.
> Singing with mommy. Mostly mommy sings and she just kicks her feet.
> Car rides.
> Tummy time.
> Bath time.

She hates...
> Being hot.
> Being tired.
> Being in the sitting position.

Jun 4, 2014

She Has My Heart

You guys, this is the first time I've had a chance to take outfit photos since the baby was born. I'm half patting myself on the back and half thinking, why did it take so long. 

{Top: Old Navy (old), Pants: Old Navy, Wedges: Madden Girl (old), Bracelets: Alex and Ani}

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I started to really crave shopping and wearing normal clothes again. The feeling was especially strong as we headed into spring time and I was seeing commercials for spring fashion all the time. One of the things I wanted was a pair of these pixie pants from Old Navy. And you better believe that once the baby was born, I went and bought myself a pair!

Although I think they are meant to be a tad bit shorter on a normal person, they hit at the bottom of my ankles, which I'm ok with. They're also kind of stretchy, which makes them really comfy for my post-baby legs. Is it weird for me to be excited about a pair of pants? Oh who cares, I'm just excited to even be wearing pants. Or to even be dressed. I don't know how all the other mommy bloggers do it... my hats off to them!

And of course, I leave you with this adorable little girl...

May 21, 2014

2 Months

I've seriously been slacking on my blog posts guys... but I've been distracted by this adorable little girl, who just turned 2 months! She's been smiling a lot more and paying more attention to her surroundings. I can't get enough of her!

At 2 months, she loves:

> Trying to "talk". If you coo or ahh at her, she'll try so hard to imitate the sound and when she does it, she looks like she's so proud of herself.
> Laying on the ground and kicking her legs around like crazy. 
> Looking at mommy and daddy's faces.
> Car rides.
> Bath time.

She hates:

> When you're not paying attention to her... like when mommy and daddy are trying to eat dinner.
> Toys. I'll hold a toy up to her and she just has no interest. She'd rather look at my hand than a toy.
> Being overtired. You don't want to mess with this girl and her naps!

And it appears baby girl's got a signature look already...

We love her so much and can't get enough of her. She's learning new things every day and we can't wait to see what she does next!
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