My Mama's Day

Hi everyone! It's me, Hannah, the little one that rules this house! I wanted to tell you about my mama's weekend because she's currently off doing ten different things. Dada had told me this weekend was all about mama and we're supposed to love on her extra because of everything she does for us, so I made sure I gave her lots of hugs and kisses.

On Saturday we went to Cape Cod to spend the day with my grandma and grandpa. I went to the beach for the first time! It was chilly so I didn't get to go in the water, but I got to play with sand and my new shovel and bucket. I dumped sand all over myself and my mama didn't stop me! It was so fun! Then we went back to the house and I played some more. I even took a nap with grandma because she let me sleep on the big bed instead of in the crib. Total score.

The next day was mama's big day. I woke up extra early because I was so excited! I bet mama was happy about that too. Dada took me to the store to get mama a card. He let me pick it out so I chose one that had a big fuzzy animal on it. We went to brunch and my other grandma and grandpa were there too. The restaurant gave mama and grandma these pretty flowers. I held mama's for her. I pulled out all the petals and leaves while we were in the car because they were so pretty. Mama laughed so I did too. Flowers are so fun!

We went shopping for a bit and I got to run around in the stores. I rearranged some of the shelves but mama said we had to put them back the way they were... how boring. Then we went to this really awesome place for ice cream. I don't know why they didn't get me my own so I had to keep eating theirs. But, it was so YUM! I can't wait to go back for more.

Afterwards we went to the park and I got to run around some more, go on the swings, play with the grass and sticks, go on the slide, and wave at all the other little kids. I was so tired from our big day of fun. This mama's day thing is pretty great... I got to do all the things that I love. Mama kept smiling at me and dada and telling us how happy she was, so I think she had a great day too. Every day should be mama's day!

A Year's Worth of Happy

The night before Hannah turned one I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about the day she was born and how far we've come. We made it. We made it to one year. All the times where it seemed like she'd never stop crying, all those sleepless nights, all the sacrifices we made along the way, all the anxiety and stress over whether or not we were doing the best for our daughter... they all seemed like a distant memory on the night before she turned one. I was feeling proud, excited, and sad all at the same time. My baby is turning one. I admit, I cried a little. 

Knee Socks: Ry + RueMoccasins: Freshly Picked}

On the day of her first birthday party I was the proudest mama. The sheer look of joy on her face said it all. She knew the party was for her. She knew all these people were there for her. And she ate it all up like the happy girl she was!

I also wanted to do something just the two of us to celebrate her birthday. Just mommy and daughter. I guess it was more for me than it was for her, emotionally at least. I wanted us to have a special day for the two of us before she officially made her way into toddlerhood. We spent the day at Boston's Children's Museum. She loved every minute. Her face lit up at the sight of everything new and her eyes were filled with so much wonder. It was truly amazing to watch. We ate lunch together, "chatted" with each other, and slowly made our way home. It was glorious. I loved it. It meant the world to me that we got to have our day. 

Later that night we went out to dinner as a family of three. Of course we gave Hannah her very first bite of ice cream! Everything was just magical. From her party to her birthday outing. I know she won't remember it at all, but for us.. it was simply perfect.

So Fast

I am so behind on my updates! Hannah's first birthday has come and gone (which I will dedicate a separate post for) and I haven't even done her 11 month update yet... so now I'm catching up! 

So much has happened in these past couple of months. Baby girl has grown and learned so much. I'm still amazed by her every day and sometimes still can't believe I'm her mom. At 11 months, she learned to take a few steps on her own. She loves to hold my hand and walk around, though very hesitant to let go. She loves going out regardless of where... to the mall, to our baby gym class, to restaurants, it doesn't matter. She just loves being out and observing the world around her.

She loves:
- Babbling. She'll "talk" to herself all day long.
- Walking. Preferably with mommy holding her hand.
- Eating bread.
- Smiling at strangers.
- Waving hi.
- Music and dancing.
- Bath time. Especially bubble baths.
- Unrolling the toilet paper.

She hates:
- Diaper and clothing changes. Mostly because it means she has to stop doing what she's doing and lay still. Girl does not like to be still!

She really is such a good girl and is really well behaved. Next up is her first birthday!

How a Baby Changed Our Lives

Wow it's been a hot minute since I last blogged. Hannah turned 10 months a couple weeks ago, can you believe that? Of course I started planning her first birthday already. Hello craft projects! We've also been dealing with little girl's first cold (resulting in all of us getting sick), so that's been super fun. Needless to say, there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.

I think it's pretty obvious that having a baby changes your lives. People told us this all time while I was pregnant. I always responded with the casual head nod. But I never really knew how much our lives would change... until it did.

> For the first 4 months my husband and I never ate dinner together. One person had to hold the baby and watch in hunger as the other person ate. 

> And who has time to cook? When she was little she always wanted to be held. Now that she's mobile, she just clings onto my leg and wants to see what I'm doing. I admire the people who find the time to work, cook, and look after a baby. Seriously, tell me your secret. I did buy myself a crock pot and that has really been a game-changer for us. 

> We used to go to the movies every couple of months. Now we can only wish we had the time to sit through an entire movie on dvd without having to pause it to tend to the baby. One time it took us 4.5 hours to finish a whole movie.

> Say goodbye to privacy. Since Hannah started crawling, she has become my shadow. Everywhere mama went, baby went too... including the bathroom.

> Say goodbye to hot coffee. I never get to finish a whole cup while it's still hot. Lukewarm coffee has become the norm. 

> We do things based on the baby's sleep schedule. People always say "don't let the baby run your schedule". Sure, that's easy for you to say, but try dealing with an overtired baby. We made that mistake once. Never again.

> Babies demand a lot of attention. Like, all of your attention all the time. 

> Remember when I used to be a fashion blogger? Sigh. 

> There's never enough time. Between work, maintaining a house, and being with the baby... I barely have any free time. Plus, don't forget things like eating and showering. I consider those things luxury to-dos. I'm pretty exhausted by the end of the day so I go to bed early.. I'm talking 9pm. So lame!

However, and this will sound totally cliche, it's true what they say about the amount of love you have for your baby. It's indescribable. And it's a feeling you only really understand when you become a parent. Every day I look at my baby girl and I just feel so thankful. I love watching her grow, learn new things, laugh and dance, and just be happy. She's getting ready to walk and I'm both excited and petrified at the same time! I love her more and more with each day that passes. That's the biggest change... putting someone else before anything and everything in my life. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Christmas with a little one is one of the most magical things ever. I never thought I could enjoy watching someone else open presents as much as I enjoyed watching our baby girl open her first Christmas presents.

Last year at this time I was pregnant and filled with anticipation, excitement, and anxiety of what was to come. This year we celebrated our first Christmas as a family of three and felt like we were the luckiest people to have our greatest gift here with us.

{All sweaters: Old Navy, Hannah's moccasins: Stitches & Soles, Hannah's headband: Yasmi & Crew}

As we head into 2015, I only feel excitement and joy in anticipation of what's to come. I get to watch my baby continue to grow into a little girl. She's going to be turning one is just a few months (gasp) and I know with that will come a whole new set of fun experiences and amazing memories. A part of me wants it all to slow down so that my baby can stay my baby forever, but really... I can't wait for this next part of our journey. 

Happy New Year everyone!
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