A Little Strawberry

Happy Halloween! This is our first Halloween with little Hannah so naturally we went a bit wild taking pictures of her in her costume. I'm sure the whole time she was thinking, "why am I here... oh a leaf!"

We get tons of trick or treaters in our neighborhood every year so we're looking forward to seeing all the kids in their costumes. We won't be walking around with little girl this time around, so she'll just be helping us hand out candy. I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween!

7 Months

I want to first address the fact that I realize this blog has made a turn since baby girl was born. If you come here looking for outfit inspirations and leave feeling disappointed, I apologize. I hope you understand though... my life is focused 100% on my daughter, and so this blog reflects that. I will try to do style posts every now and then, but let's be honest, little girl has better style anyway!

Some things will never change though -- I'm still a polka dot lover! You can follow me on instagram for more photos and snippets of our lives.

Now onto little girl's monthly update! Every month seems to be flying by faster and faster. She's a lot more mobile now, not quite crawling yet, but she can go backwards and sideways. She will roll and scoot until she is pretty much where she wants to be. She's working really hard to figure out this crawling thing. You can see her thinking about what to do when she's on the floor on all fours. She also has this new thing of kneeling. She likes to get up onto her knees, which probably means she wants to stand soon. Why is she growing up so fast!?

At 7 months, Hannah loves:
- Eating everything. She loves every kind of food I give her. Even if she makes a face afterwards as if she doesn't love it, she still chomps it down like a champ.
- Trying to move around on her own.
- Anything cold/frozen.
- Touching/looking at new things.
- "Talking" and by that I mean yelling.
- Peek-a-boo.
- Bath time.. still her favorite!

She hates:
- When we're not paying attention to her.
- Watching people eat and not getting to eat anything herself.
- Being bored.
- The vacuum. She no longer enjoys the sound of the vacuum like she did when she was a newborn.

What we're looking forward to -- the holidays with baby girl! It's going to be so much fun starting new traditions with her and seeing how she reacts to it all!

The First of Many Firsts

One of the things that I look forward to is the chance to experience all of Hannah's "firsts" with her. To see her reactions to new things and to watch her smile, learn, and have fun is just priceless. A few weeks ago (I know, I'm so behind on putting it on the blog), we went apple picking as a family of 3 for the first time and it did not disappoint!

Little girl loved being able to pull at the leaves, pull on the grass, touch all the apples, and eat/suck on the apples. She was having a ball. And we loved watching her do it all. 

We went to a local farm that had a giant apple orchard, with over 10 different kinds of apples to pick from, a pumpkin patch, a big playground for kids, a little farm animal section, a kitchen with homemade baked goods, and snack bar with yummy things like apple cider donuts. It was a day of pure fun for our family... and for my belly. We can't wait for next year!

The Mommy Comparisons

We've all been there. Comparing ourselves to others.. whether it's about our clothes or if we have the "it" bag of the season, or perhaps it was our houses or our jobs. If you're a blogger I'm sure you've been through the number-of-followers comparison game at some point. 

And now that I've entered motherhood, a whole new comparison begins. Is my child reaching her milestones at the same time as her child? Is my child wearing the trendiest new kids clothes out there (silly, but true)? Am I getting dressed in cute clothes and putting on a full face of makeup with my hair perfectly done AND taking my child out in public so that she gets her daily dose of fresh air and worldly stimulation like that mom is? Is my child's party going to be as great as they are on Pinterest!? Seriously, I've decided that Pinterest is both awesome and evil all at the same time.

It's natural. We compare ourselves to others. So many moms seem to have it all. The perfect husband, the perfect home, the perfect outfit, the perfect hair that seems to fall perfectly on her perfectly powdered face, and the perfect child that never cries and sleeps through the night. New mommy bloggers especially fascinate me. How they can find time to get dressed, look amazing, take photos, blog, and care for a newborn is beyond me. Seriously, how do these women do it? 

Well, I don't have the answer but I know for sure that I don't do it. And I'm ok with it. Do I wear sweatpants more often than I'd like to admit? Yes. Do I go a day too long without washing my hair sometimes? Yes. Do I even remember how to put on makeup?? Hardly. Does my baby sleep through the night? Not even close. But it's ok.

When little girl and I go out to run errands or do some shopping, it's a miracle we both even make it out by the time I wanted. Most of the time, my shirt either has drool, baby food, or milk mushed in somewhere... my hair has been pulled in all directions by a freakishly strong baby... and I probably only put mascara on one eye because I got distracted at some point and then forgot. 

And you know what? I'm ok with that. I pat myself on the back for even making it out into the world. I pat myself on the back that my baby got fed and dressed. I pat myself on the back that my baby is happy and healthy. With my disheveled hair and half made up face, I look at her and she gives me the biggest smile and I realize, I'm doing just fine.

6 Months, What!

Can you believe baby girl is now 6 months old.. halfway to 1 year!? Where did the time go? I look at her and I can hardly believe she was ever the little, tiny, 6 lb newborn that was in my belly.

This last month, she has learned and grown so much. She is so curious about everything and studies everything new that she sees or hears. She's now rolling like a champ too. She can practically sit up from a laying position on her own and she's THIS close to crawling -- she can scoot backwards and make turns, but hasn't quite mastered going forward just yet. We think it's going to be within this next month or so! Time to start baby proofing!

At 6 months, Hannah loves:
+ Eating everything she can get her hands on, especially things she knows she's not supposed to eat like her shoes, the remote, my pants, a diaper, the couch. 
+ Eating/chewing on really cold things. 
+ Eating her baby food. We've tried oatmeal cereal, bananas, peaches, sweet potatoes, squash, and apples (all purees) and she loves them all. 
+ Rolling around on the floor.
+ Touching our faces.
+ Playing peek-a-boo.
+ Bath time.
+ Watching us sing or dance.

She does not love:
+ Going to bed. Yet she doesn't like being tired either.
+ Being hungry.
+ Being bored or doing the same thing for too long.
+ Strangers.
+ Getting dressed/undressed, especially if she's tired.

And yes, that's her trying to eat her shoe! And her in her bunny pajamas trying to crawl!

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