Aug 19, 2014

5 Months

With a blink of an eye, my baby girl is 5 months old already. What?! Where did the time go? I remember when I was pregnant, time seemed to pass by at a snail's pace. And now that our baby is here, I can't seem to get time to slow down. My husband and I joke that before we know it, she's going to be off to college... yikes!

Every month that goes by, little Hannah gets more and more fun. She's such a social baby, always smiling at everyone. She's also super mobile these days. She wants to touch everything and anything she can put in her mouth, she will. I feel like she's going to be crawling soon!

At 5 months, she loves:
~ Eating her hands, her toys, anything
~ Eating/licking anything cold
~ When you blow on her face
~ Touching mommy and daddy's faces
~ Looking in the mirror
~ Her jumpy gym
~ Watching mommy and daddy eat
~ Splashing the water during bath time
~ Playing airplane with daddy

She hates:
~ Being tired or hungry
~ Laying still during diaper changes
~ When you're not paying attention to her

She also had her first taste of solid food and gosh darn it, this girl loved it. She kept eating the straps of her high chair in between spoonfuls of her oatmeal cereal... I guess mommy wasn't feeding her fast enough! Can't wait for her to try something new to eat next week!

Aug 5, 2014

PipLey's Boutique Giveaway {Closed}

Since I started blogging, there has been one boutique that was always supportive of me and this blog. Over the last couple of years we have watched each other grow and evolve and I'm so happy for my friend and all of her successes. PipLey's Boutique is turning 2! 

They have some of the cutest skirts and dresses and they get new items in the shop regularly. Right now this sweet navy lace dress is my favorite! I have several of their items and continue to wear them all the time. 

{Maxi Dress from PipLey's Boutique, see the post here}
{Maxi Skirt from PipLey's Boutique, see the post here}
{Maxi skirt remixed, see the post here}
{Sweater from PipLey's Boutique, see the post here}

To celebrate their anniversary, we're giving away a $30 gift card to their shop! Plus, use the code MAYLEE to receive 15% off throughout the month of August! Awesome right?! This giveaway is open internationally.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats on 2 years, PipLey's Boutique, and cheers to many more!

Jul 29, 2014

4 Months

I'm so behind on this post since baby girl turned 4 months almost 2 weeks ago! She is now getting into such a fun stage and we are loving every second.

She is starting to roll over from front to back and have done it a few times. She is also getting very close to sitting up! We've also heard a few giggles here and there and are anxiously waiting for our first belly laugh!

At 4 months, Hannah loves:

>Eating everything, including her hands, her pacifier, her ball... anything she can get her hands on.
>Smiling. She smiles whenever you look at her or talk to her. 
>Her jumpy gym. We got her a new jumpy gym and she is pretty obsessed with it. She loves exploring all the different toys on it.
>Looking in the mirror.
>Bath time.
>Watching mommy and daddy eat. 
>Touching mommy and daddy's faces.
>Reading books and helping to flip the pages.

Hannah does not enjoy:

>Being tired.
>Being hungry.
>When she loses her ball during play time.

She's getting so big and growing so fast. Her big trick is taking her pacifier out of her mouth and then putting it back in, all by herself. It's fascinating watching her grow and learn new things every day. We love you baby girl!

Jul 22, 2014

Date Night for Momma

With a new baby in our lives, moments when we are baby-free and can have time to ourselves barely exist. Every single second of free time that we have (which is hardly any), we use it to do housework, eat, or sleep. So when my parents encouraged us to go to dinner while they babysat for us... we took the opportunity!

{Dress: c/o C.C. Lake, Shoes: Forever 21, Wallet/Clutch: Marc Jacobs, Belt: Target, Necklace: Bauble Bar (old), Bracelets: Alex and Ani}

This dress from C.C. Lake was perfect for our date night. It came with a beige belt but of course I accessorized with a hot pink belt and necklace to add in my own twist. Their dresses are just perfect for date nights! 

And obviously the entire time we were out to dinner, we talked about the baby and how we couldn't wait to be back with her. Oh the irony.

Jul 1, 2014

Dress Up a Sweatshirt

Since having our baby, I've been wearing sweats a lot. It's easy and it's comfy. But I realize I often look like I just rolled out of bed (because I did). What I need is a dressier sweatshirt to wear... and low and behold, my problem was solved by Bow & Drape.

{Sweatshirt: c/o Bow & Drape, Maxi Dress: Old Navy, Wedges: Old Navy}

Bow & Drape makes cute and comfy sweatshirts, tees, tanks, dresses, and more... and the best part is you can customize them with your favorite phrase or word, or use any of their cute embellishments. It's so fun to be able to design your own clothes!

{Sweatshirt: c/o Bow & Drape, Shorts: Target, Wedges: J.Crew (old), Sunglasses: Tory Burch}

For me, I decided on this super cute, white, textured sweatshirt with these side zippers that give them a bit of a fancier feel. I went with these 3 red flower embellishments because though I was tempted to do something like "#givemecoffee", I figured that would go against my goal of not making it obvious I'm only half awake. And the best part about this sweatshirt? I don't need to accessorize, which is great because baby girl does not let me wear much jewelry anymore... unless I want them ripped off of me.. oh the joys of motherhood. Now go start personalizing your own clothes at Bow & Drape!
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